Genuine Parts and Accessories Warranty

Mazda Motors of New Zealand Limited ("Mazda") warrants that, if within 12 months of the purchase of a Mazda approved part or until the part has completed 20,000km service (whichever occurs first) the part be deemed defective due to faulty material or workmanship at the time of manufacture, the part will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

The Parts Warranty is not applicable when the part or parts are fitted free of charge under the original New Vehicle Warranty. In these cases, the Warranty applicable to the part or parts terminates upon expiry of the Warranty on the vehicle. Labour charges are covered under this Warranty only when the warranted part has been fitted by an authorised Mazda dealer.

The Warranty does not include loss of use or any consequential loss, damage or expense arising directly or indirectly from the defect.

The Warranty does not apply if:

  • The vehicle to which the new part has been fitted has been subject to extraordinary use in any way, such as competitions, or otherwise damaged by accident, neglect or misuse.
  • Failure has occurred due to normal wear and tear.
  • The vehicle has not been maintained in accordance with the scheduled services as recommended in this Handbook.
  • Failure is due to damage, rust or deterioration as a result of prolonged storage or improper storage of an individual part or the vehicle.
  • The manufacturer's identification number or marks have been altered in any way.
  • The odometer reading on the vehicle has been changed in any way such that the kilometres travelled cannot be accurately determined.

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